New UNSW3+ enrolment system set to make life easier for students

UNSW students

One of the most significant changes made possible by the new UNSW3+ academic calendar is the major upgrade of the existing enrolment system to a more dynamic, intuitive online model.

The revamped system, to be available from October 2018, will allow UNSW students to enrol annually. This means they will be able to select their courses for the full academic year ahead rather than semester by semester as they do now. This will allow students to plan better and will give them flexibility to vary their study load to suit their circumstances and retain full-time status.

The change to the enrolment model is achieved by splitting the old enrolment process into two stages. The first stage will be known as Course Enrolment and the second stage as Class Registration.

Class registration – the selection of class times – will open for students approximately 10 weeks before each term. It is possible for students to change the details of their course enrolment before the teaching session starts, so students will be encouraged to get in early and enrol in a full year of courses even if they aren’t sure about their schedule.

“There are a number of major benefits with the new enrolment system,” said UNSW3+ Project Lead Shane Griffin. “Enrolment can be a very stressful time for students. They need to make decisions on their course structure and ensure they create a clash-free timetable that suits their individual needs. The revamped system will make it easier for students to plan ahead, retain some flexibility and see a clear pathway to graduation.”

More detail and a step-by-step guide about the new enrolment process will be provided to key staff from August, prior to the system going live.