New-look 2019 Student Handbook is live

05 Sep 2018
students hanging around campus

There are plenty of new features to make the Handbook more informative and easier to use – with more improvements to come soon.

The Academic Curriculum Information Services (ACIS) Program is excited to announce the next enhancement to online student services; the new-look 2019 Student Handbook is live at  

What’s new in this edition

  • Tooltips and help text provide guidance without leaving the page (more tooltips will be added in future releases)
  • Campus and career level (i.e. undergraduate or postgraduate) display in search results
  • You can browse by course subject areas
  • There are new program search filters for intake period and delivery mode
  • There is a new Not accepting enrolment flag on program and specialisation pages
  • MyList and Recently Viewed items can hold more items (and a View All link shows them on a separate page)
  • Research program offerings are included as a list page (until individual pages can be published in a later release)
  • Search for Double Degree programs in either faculty and area of interest
  • Improved academic structure on double degree pages
  • Improved pagination
  • There are links to previous years’ handbooks (now referred to as legacy handbooks at

Fees on course pages are hidden until the 2019 fees become available later in September. 

Continuous improvement

We’ve come a long way, but there’s more to do.  Further enhancements are in progress for September and December releases, including publishing research offerings; improving double degree records; searching and browsing enhancements to bolster flagship and popular programs in search results; help text and much more. 

Check your links

While extensive efforts have been made over the last few months to identify any links that may be affected by the legacy URL change, please check your local websites for any that may have been missed.  Send any link update requests to your local web content manager.

Curriculum data

A huge thank you to all of you who have put enormous effort into improving your program, specialisation and course data over the last 12 months.  We’re getting closer to our aspirational state of having the most accurate and up-to-date information available to our students, contributing to their overall student experience.  Please continue to review and refine your offerings over the next few weeks so our students can begin preparing for their enrolment appointments in October. 

Get help

For assistance, go to the ACIS Program page for how-to information, or contact for guidance or assistance with changes to 2019 offerings.