How we can best work together: new online hub puts UNSW values into action

14 Jun 2018
values in action

Have you been thinking about an upcoming myCareer conversation, including how to talk about the Values in Action: Our UNSW Behaviours guidelines that shape how we interact with colleagues, students and the community?

Perhaps you would like to recognise a colleague who makes UNSW a positive place to work? Or you might want to find a new way to look at an existing challenge in your Faculty or Division?

UNSW HR is excited to announce the launch of a new internal website, the Values in Action Hub, where you can access information and tools, recognise colleagues and register for events to support you in understanding and articulating the Values in Action.

“We want to encourage people to think, not only about what they do as part of their role at UNSW, but how they do it,” says David Ward, Vice President Human Resources. “The Values in Action are a set of shared values that, as a University community, define how we can work together. A values-based culture goes beyond just acknowledging an individual’s technical capability – it also recognises the impact each of us has on others.”

Starting with a focus on Drives Innovation, each of the values in Values in Action will be highlighted in turn across the Values in Action Hub in the news articles, on Yammer and through workshops and events for UNSW staff.

Sarah Livissianis, People and Culture Strategic Portfolio Lead at UNSW, explains her team’s commitment to supporting staff around the Values in Action: “The intention of spotlighting each of the behaviours in turn is that people are able to reflect on what the behaviour looks like in their own context and how they can recognise it in others. With Drives Innovation, it is all about how people develop new ways of thinking, new ideas, improve and learn from things that didn’t go so well. There are so many opportunities at UNSW to try new ways of doing things and to learn through the process.”

If you have a workplace challenge which you would like to approach through a different lens, register for our first open event, Creative Solutions Workshop. This workshop is designed to broaden and stimulate thinking by adopting diverse perspectives and is running 25 and 27 June.