Update on the Western Car Park Redevelopment DA

23 May 2024
Visualisation of development showing people and entries to restaurants

Changes proposed in the updated DA include reduced building heights and an increased setback from Anzac Parade and the NIDA site.

In May 2023, UNSW lodged a Development Application (DA) for the the redevelopment of the UNSW Western Car Park. The application is under assessment with Randwick City Council and the Sydney Eastern City Planning Panel.

The proposed new development will create a vibrant, mixed-use precinct which will offer accommodation to more than 900 students, as well as university space, retail, a network of public laneways and a new public plaza facing Anzac Parade.

Under its agreement with UNSW, Iglu Student Accommodation will operate the buildings. UNSW and Iglu have been engaging with relevant parties for several months and received feedback on the proposed design from the community and from the planning authority throughout the development assessment process.

The DA has recently been amended in response to this feedback, and consultation continues regarding the plans and site design. The amended DA includes a reduction to the proposed heights of the taller buildings and an increased setback from Anzac Parade and the NIDA site. The key changes are described in the planning report lodged with the amended plans, which are currently exhibited on the Randwick City Council website.

The exhibition period closes on 6 June 2024.

For more information, please visit the Randwick City Council’s Exhibit website or contact estate@unsw.edu.au (please include the words “Western Car Park DA” in the email subject).