Register for OneDrive and Microsoft Teams training

27 Sep 2023
Training session

UNSW staff are invited to attend training sessions designed to help you get the most out of OneDrive and Microsoft Teams.

These sessions will be especially useful as we progress towards UNSW’s Cloud Transformation strategy.

The OneDrive training will cover the advantages and functions of both SharePoint and OneDrive and the scenarios where each is appropriate. Other topics to be covered include real-time collaboration on Office documents, accessibility of files on all devices, sharing inside and outside of UNSW, and file retrieval.

The Microsoft Teams training will provide a demonstration of Teams and features such as meeting management, team and channel creation and notification management. You will also pick up some practical tips and tricks.

Training sessions

The training sessions are online and 45 minutes duration.

UNSW staff can register for sessions on the following dates:


  • 12 October, 12pm
  • 7 November, 12pm


Microsoft Teams

  • 26 October, 12pm
  • 23 November, 12pm