Action planning is underway for Insight

21 Sep 2023
Illustration showing a white speech bubble being held by four hands against a yellow background

We are currently in the action planning stage for our Insight survey, and we want to thank everyone who has contributed to our action planning discussions so far.

Small Listening Groups have taken place across a number of faculties and divisions, as well as at a broader UNSW level to enable us to hear from diverse voices around our two focus areas:

  • The leaders in my Faculty/Division demonstrate that people are important to the University’s success.
  • At UNSW we act on promising, new and innovative ideas.

The UNSW-wide Listening Groups for fixed-term and continuing staff finished up in September, while the Listening Groups for our casual staff will run in October.

There has been rich conversation and practical ideas generated. The next steps include consolidating all the feedback and ideas. These will be presented to the UNSW Senior Leadership team for consideration. We look forward to sharing updates as we progress.