New exhibition celebrates 75 years of water research at UNSW

10 Jul 2024
Underwater photograph of seaweed

Living Water reflects and reaffirms UNSW’s commitment to the stewardship of the planet’s water ecosystems.

Living Water: 75 years of water research at UNSW connects water research across various environments and disciplines. From seagrass reforestation to aquafarming, hydrology to art, this research speaks to the multitude of ways water shapes existence and impacts survival. 

The exhibition showcases water-related research in a variety of ways. This includes photography, video, sound, field equipment, 3D printed objects, organic specimens, rare books, maps and more. In visiting the exhibition, students and staff can gain insights into the challenges and importance of protecting the Earth’s water systems.

By drawing together breakthrough studies, technological innovations and community engagement efforts, we grow our understanding of how scientists, engineers, artists and researchers address complex challenges related to the stewardship of the planet’s water systems. 

Living Water highlights significant contributions made by UNSW toward water governance and security, the support of healthy oceans and resilient coastlines, ensuring safe and equitable access to water, and sharing the knowledge we need to protect this vital resource into the future.

What: Living Water: 75 years of water research at UNSW
When: 8 July - 15 November 2024
Where: Level 5 Main Library, Ground Level Law Library, Art & Design Paddington Library

In celebration of UNSW's 75th anniversary, this exhibition is a collaboration between UNSW Library and UNSW Global Water Institute with funding support from the UNSW Arts, Design & ArchitectureUNSW Business SchoolUNSW EngineeringUNSW Law & Justice and UNSW Science.

Image: Operation Crayweed. Photographer: John Turnbull.