Registrations are open for UNSW Sydney’s inaugural Education Festival

24 Oct 2021
Registrations are open for UNSW Sydney’s inaugural Education Festival

For the first time, UNSW is hosting a university-wide Education Festival – an occasion to share practice and celebrate our educators.

The UNSW Education Festival is a new, week-long series of events, merging the former Learning & Teaching Forum and Faculty Education events. It will provide a platform to recognise and celebrate our educators, and share educational practice in collaborative, cross-disciplinary ways.

Each event will be centred around a theme chosen by the host faculty. These themes are designed to encourage participants to reflect, challenge and inspire – asking where we go to next in education. The festival will include presentations, posters, roundtables and networking sessions. The Friday afternoon event will feature a lively debate and a celebration of our academic achievements.  

The entire festival will be delivered online. There will be an option to attend the Friday afternoon session in person, though this will also be live-streamed.

Register to learn more about specific sessions within the program over the coming weeks, and to receive communication regarding access to the event.

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Event details: Tuesday 23 November - Saturday 27 November 2021 | Online delivery

All events within the festival are open to anyone within the UNSW community who is interested in education. Some of the events will also be open to external participants.



Visit the event’s webpage for more details.

If you have any questions regarding the event, please email us here.