How do students experience your course? Now is the time to find out!

27 Oct 2023
SES survey

The Term 3 myExperience survey is the last chance for UNSW Sydney students to provide thoughts on their courses in 2023. 

Between 6 and 23 November, the myExperience survey will provide an opportunity for educators to hear from their students about what worked well and what could be improved in their courses. When staff listen and act on responses from students, it helps enrich the student experience further. 

For staff who may not be familiar with myExperience, we recommend setting aside a few minutes of class time, midway through the lesson with the most attendance. Staff who devote class time to the survey often have a higher response rate and a more accurate description of what their students think. 

Downloadable resources are available to show in class, and we recommend educators follow these guides when communicating about the survey: 

  • Tell your students about the value of honest and constructive feedback, and that myExperience data is used to make changes to courses. 

  • Explain how the myExperience survey not only provides you and other academic staff with valuable information, but also makes a difference to the next group of students taking the courses. 

  • If possible, share examples of how you have changed your courses based on student feedback. You can do this by using myFeedback matters inside the course Moodle. 

Once you have gathered the insights, you may want to hear from colleagues on their techniques for reading and processing student feedback. 

For more information on myExperience, please contact: