New plan enhances UNSW’s emergency response and management

25 Oct 2023
UNSW Security Services

The UNSW Kensington Campus Emergency Response Plan has been updated to improve safety and security. 

The new Kensington Emergency Response Plan will improve UNSW’s capability to respond to and effectively manage emergency situations on campus. The update is a response to a 2022 review of the campus emergency management arrangements. Emergency response plans for other campuses are in the process of being reviewed or developed.

The plan was coordinated by the new Emergency Management Unit (EMU) formed in April this year as part of UNSW’s Estate Management Security Directorate. The new team – Jason Wood, Emergency Manager, Melanie Cage and Matthew Lloyd, both Emergency Coordinators – brings a wealth of emergency services experience to the University.  

The EMU have been working with the campus Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) teams on emergency exercises, responding to incidents and developing building-specific emergency response plans.  

Over the past months, the EMU have been coordinating a range of activities to further enhance our campus emergency preparedness and response capability, including: 

  • a new response vehicle 
  • systems to effectively manage ECO lists
  • rolling out the SafeZone App to support emergency control organisations (2023) and the wider campus community (2024) 
  • developing Lockdown and Evacuation Response Awareness materials 
  • running virtual reality fire extinguisher training sessions 
  • reviewing the satellite campus emergency arrangements including bushfire response plans. 

The emergency response teams provide vital assistance in keeping our campus community safe. This includes our volunteer building wardens, first aid officers, Security, Facilities Management and Health & Safety teams.   

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Pictured top: Emergency Management Unit (in black), Chief Wardens (in yellow) and UNSW Security Services (in red). Photo credit Anna Kucera Photography.