2019 Student Handbook: are we up to date?

2019 handbook

The enhanced 2019 Student Handbook is about to be released and your help is needed now to ensure the information it contains is correct.

The 2019 Student Handbook delivers another important milestone in the 2025 Strategy journey, striving towards an exceptional digital experience for both staff and students. 

With the Handbook to be released to students in the last week of August, the ACIS Program Team are inviting staff to review and refine the records within their area of expertise and ensure information in the new-look handbook is accurate and up to date.

Ensuring the accuracy of our 2019 offerings is a critical step in enabling our current and future students to make the right decisions for the next academic year and the exciting transition to the 3+ calendar.

Digital Innovation

The first release of the 2019 Handbook has a number of enhancements:

  • The new handbook has been optimised for display on any device – mobile, tablet, laptop, or PC. 
  • Better data management, web presentation, and filter capabilities.
  • Integration with the Academic Information Management System (AIMS) and the Student Information Management System (SIMS), as well as publishing approved content near real-time. 
  • You can bookmark pages for quick access and access recently viewed pages. 
  • Students can easily move between browsing and filtering on undergraduate and postgraduate offerings within the same pages.  

Accessing the Preview Site

To access the staff preview site, please visit: https://preview.handbook.unsw.edu.au/ 

Username: handbookpreview@unsw.edu.au
Password: UNSWhandbook2019!

Requesting Changes

Please take time over the next few weeks to review records within your areas of expertise. Make sure information is accurate and up-to-date, rules are accurate and core courses are listed correctly, and semester is replaced with term as appropriate.  For more how-to information and guidance, visit the ACIS Program Staff Page

Submit any requests to further improve and refine the 2019 offering information via AIMS2. Contact the ACIS Program Team for advice on managing large numbers of changes to minimise the impact on Committees.  

Ongoing Commitment

We hope you enjoy the new-look handbook – it is only the beginning. Future enhancements are planned throughout 2018.  We’d love to hear from you. Please don’t hesitate to contact the ACIS Program Team with any feedback, comments or if you need any assistance at acis@unsw.edu.au