Driving innovation to make ideas into reality

02 Apr 2024
Ideas sign

Progress is underway to turn your insights into meaningful actions.

Last year’s Insight staff survey found that just 55% of continuing and fixed term staff agree that at UNSW we act on promising new or innovative ideas. Addressing this is an Innovation Working Group, established to identify how we can improve on this focus area and connect to the emerging UNSW strategy, recognising that innovation drives societal impact.

Over the course of six months, the Working Group will explore exemplars of innovation, elevate examples of impactful innovation at UNSW, interrogate what gets in the way of acting on new and impactful ideas, propose a roadmap for building a stronger innovation ecosystem at UNSW, and feed into the process of developing the new strategy for UNSW.

The Innovation Working Group will address a series of topics:

  • What is the problem or opportunity we are addressing?
  • Where are the exemplars of innovation at UNSW?
  • What skills or training underpin an innovation ecosystem?
  • What are the barriers and blockers to innovation?
  • How can we frame innovation as one of UNSW’s distinctive strategic strengths?
  • Report back findings and recommendations to the Vice-Chancellor.

The first Innovation Working Group session was held in March, bringing together academic and professional staff from across UNSW who care about and seek to promote innovation at UNSW. Professor Claire Annesley, Dean Arts, Design & Architecture, and Elisse O’Leary, Head of Culture and Development, led the session and were really encouraged by the group’s commitment to drive innovation at UNSW.

“We have set ourselves two exciting goals: identifying where, when and how innovation succeeds at UNSW in teams and projects as well as research and education, and then drafting a roadmap of how we can improve our collective capacity to drive innovation for a purpose”. 

The Working Group will communicate its progress to staff, seek feedback and make changes along the way. There will be opportunities for interested staff to ask questions and connect with the group. There are also plans to set up an Innovation Action website and create a repository of positive stories of innovation across UNSW. Further details on these initiatives will be provided in due course.  

Please let us know of any teams and projects that you think are particularly strong in innovation. For more information visit Insight Actions on the HR Hub.