Visit The Lounge this April and enjoy the new seasonal menu

26 Mar 2024
A plate with lasagne

There’s a delicious selection of hearty meals to choose from this autumn.

As the season changes and the weather begins to cool, The Lounge’s autumn menu has a range of delicious, warming dishes on offer.

Escape the chill with a wagyu lasagne, ricotta gnocchi or Thai green chicken curry. Follow this with a decadent chocolate lava cake or autumnal apple and rhubarb crumble.

April lunch specials

2 – 5 April
Bimimbap: avocado, three grain rice, kimchi                                        18
Seven-minute egg, wood ear mushrooms, edamame gf, v

8 – 12 April
Organic chicken dan dan noodles df                                                      20

15 – 19 April
Thai green chicken curry, jasmine rice gf, df                                         20

22 – 26 April
Wagyu lasagne, large leaf rocket salad                                                  18

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