Nexus: a new program shaping education at UNSW

15 Mar 2024
A/Prof Galae

Find out how this program and a cross-institutional team are starting to influence education, learning and teaching.

The Nexus Program is an innovative approach to resourcing and enhancing education across UNSW. It enables local education heroes to drive and support changes to learning and teaching in a more collaborative, streamlined and agile way.

Nexus aims to improve the student experience by enabling a whole-of-institution approach to educational excellence while maintaining discipline-based contexts and strategies. The program builds and sustains a larger team of talented academic and professional educational innovators who are empowered to solve both central and local challenges, and engage with education innovations.

What are the Nexus Program’s goals?

The Nexus Program ultimately seeks to:

  • define and share good practice in educational innovation across UNSW
  • facilitate collaborative development and easier implementation of central initiatives
  • increase awareness of specialised education support services
  • better support academics to adapt to changes in technology and the education landscape.

The Nexus Program leadership team are currently working with the broader Nexus community and their faculty and school leadership teams to refine plans for Nexus-based work that will be carried out throughout 2024. They are also further developing ways of working within the Nexus team and between schools, faculties and divisions across the University.

How will the program’s activity impact teaching and learning?

Embedded within each faculty and school are dedicated Nexus team members whose role is to assist with the translation of University-wide initiatives to meet local contexts and needs, as well as solve local challenges that arise across the education landscape.

In a recent interview with Associate Professor Anne Galea, Director Nexus Program, she said: “… both local and central teams will be able to share and feed helpful information through the Nexus team. Nexus team members will also be providing peer coaching and support for colleagues through training workshops and consultation programs, so all staff across UNSW can benefit from local and cross-disciplinary Nexus expertise in a format that best suits their needs.”

What’s next for the Nexus Program?

The Nexus team proudly boasts 43 Nexus Fellows (academic staff) and 24 Nexus Education Developers (professional staff) embedded across our schools, campuses and divisions. A number of achievements have been accomplished, with much more to come.

“I am thoroughly excited about the potential for the Nexus Program to ease education pain points that have escalated rapidly in recent years by setting in place a fresh new approach to the way we frame, manage and support changes to education – an approach that is both flexible and sustainable,” said A/Prof. Galea.

“It could very well be a game-changer in the tertiary education space! It has been an absolute joy to watch the team in action so far, and I am very much looking forward to the next stages of our Nexus journey together.”

To find out more about the Nexus Program visit the Nexus Program SharePoint site or get in touch via