Our Employee Assistance Program is changing

18 Mar 2024

Converge International is UNSW’s new EAP provider.

From 1 April 2024, the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at UNSW will be provided by Converge International. 

Why are we changing EAP providers?

Our EAP contracts run for five years. At the end of each contract period, the service is put out to tender. The tender process was concluded earlier this year and Converge International was awarded the new contract.

Why Converge International?

Converge has more than 60 years experience in providing mental health and wellbeing services. With several other universities already Converge customers, and a very high level of satisfaction among clients, we are confident that Converge will be a good fit for UNSW staff.

What will change?

The most important change will be the phone number you call to book an appointment.

  • Until 31 March, EAP services will continue to be provided by TELUS Health (formerly Benestar). Contact 1300 360 364 to make an appointment.
  • From 1 April onwards, EAP services will be provided by Converge International. Call 1300 687 327 to make an appointment.

What will stay the same?

UNSW staff will continue to be able to access up to six sessions per issue, per year, free of charge. Immediate family members will also continue to be covered by the service.

What does the Converge EAP service look like?

Converge offers more than just counselling, with a suite of health and wellbeing services and resources at your fingertips. The EAP service has eight streams:

  1. Employee Assist
  2. Manager Assist
  3. Career Assist
  4. Conflict Assist
  5. Nutrition & Lifestyle Assist
  6. Money Assist
  7. Family Assist
  8. Legal Assist.

In addition to the EAP streams listed above, Converge offers a range of specialist phone helplines:

  • Aged care support

  • Disability and carers

  • Domestic and family violence

  • First Nations


  • Spiritual and pastoral care

  • Youth and student

Where can you have your appointment?

Appointments will be available face to face at Converge International offices throughout metropolitan and regional Australia or via phone, video call or live chat. 

An onsite service will also be available at the Kensington and Canberra campuses fortnightly on Wednesdays.

Is it confidential?

Absolutely! Converge is committed to respecting and protecting privacy. The only EAP information shared with UNSW is de-identified, aggregated data, which can’t be used to identify individuals. 

For more information about the EAP, please visit the Wellbeing website