Are you aware of UNSW’s new AI principles?

15 Apr 2024
A graphic of an open palm holding an AI image

The University has published guidelines for the use of artificial intelligence.

UNSW’s AI Leadership Group has recently endorsed and published principles on the Ethical and Responsible Use of Artificial Intelligence at UNSW. These are to be used to steer and support the use of AI and generative AI appropriately at the University.

UNSW aims to provide a safe and digitally secure environment relating to the use of generative AI, for both students and staff. The principles are designed to regulate the use of AI (including generative AI), support a positive approach to and promote world-leading AI research.

The principles are outcomes-focused, aligned with best practice research, and support UNSW’s position and approach to the governance and use of AI.

Please take the time to read and consider the principles and use them to guide your engagement with AI. 

UNSW’s AI Ecosystem endorses launch of Microsoft Copilot 

The AI Leadership Group is part of UNSW’s AI Ecosystem. This supports and guides the ethical, responsible and innovative use of AI within the University, with a focus on collaboration rather than regulation. 

The AI Ecosystem has recently endorsed the full rollout of Microsoft Copilot. This will provide commercial data protection for staff. The timeline for this implementation will be shared over the next few weeks.

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