At UNSW we are respectful when we disagree with someone

04 Jul 2024
Students on the library lawn

This month we launch the foreign government harassment campaign, a part of SpeakUp.

Foreign government harassment occurs when a foreign government engages in harassment, intimidation, or surveillance of people to suppress their expression of different opinions. 

There are various ways foreign government harassment can target universities, their students and staff including:

  • threats, intimidation or harassment of students or University staff, either online or in person
  • online disinformation campaigns through social media
  • coercion through threatening family or friends overseas
  • attempts to influence how topics are perceived, including interference with discussion on campus
  • stalking and unwanted physical or electronic surveillance
  • censorship or self-censorship to avoid harassment or being reported to a foreign government office
  • improperly sharing others’ private information, also known as ‘doxing’.

This is not acceptable at UNSW or in Australia, and is contrary to the UNSW Code of Conduct and Values. It may be a violation of Australian law.

At UNSW, you are free to:

  • respectfully disagree
  • express your opinion
  • write your beliefs
  • leave any club or organisation freely.

If you are aware of or suspect staff or students being reported to foreign governments in Australia, we encourage you to SpeakUp – your report will be confidential and you can choose to be anonymous.