Make sure you download the SafeZone app

08 Jul 2024
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To further enhance safety for our UNSW community we encourage you to use our new app.

In February this year the SafeZone app replaced the now obsolete StaySafe app. Spread the word among your colleagues to help us all stay safe on campus.

Download SafeZone

With the new app you can:

  • Learn about and access support services available for all UNSW staff and students.
  • SpeakUp and report any safety or security concerns.
  • Get immediate help during emergencies and non-urgent matters.
  • Stay connected and prepared having help available within reach.

How to download the app

SafeZone logoDownload the free app:

Log In: Use your for full access. Avoid using personal emails.

Need Help? Contact

Note: SafeZone is set up for Kensington and Paddington campuses. Calls from other locations will re-route to 000.

For more information and setup instructions, visit the UNSW SafeZone Guide

Emergency preparedness and response

Maintaining a level of situational awareness while going about our day-to-day activities supports everyone's safety. If you observe something or someone behaving suspiciously, appearing out of place, or exhibiting concerning behaviours, please promptly report it to Security via the SafeZone App or call Security on 02 9385 6666.

We encourage staff and students to familiarise themselves with University emergency procedures and take time to view our video on emergency preparedness and response

Graphic showing QR codes to download SafeZone