UNSW employee representation on the UniSuper Consultative Committee

10 Oct 2023
UniSuper Consultative Committee

Professor Hazel Bateman and Shaun Khoo have been appointed to represent UNSW staff on the UniSuper Consultative Committee for a 4-year term.

The main functions of the UniSuper Consultative Committee are to consider and vote on proposed Trust Deed changes and to nominate four directors to the UniSuper Limited Board. 

Each of the 37 shareholder universities has four Consultative Committee representatives, two representing employers and two representing employees, one of which is an Academic staff representative and one a Professional staff representative.  The terms of the existing UNSW staff representatives had come to an end so Expressions of Interest (EoI) were invited from staff to join the Committee. 

Following this process, Professor Hazel Bateman from the UNSW Business School was re-appointed unopposed as the UNSW Academic staff representative.  As more than one EoI was received for the vacant Professional staff representative position a ballot was held and Shaun Khoo from the Division of Planning and Assurance was elected.   

Congratulations to both Prof. Bateman and Shaun.