Keeping our community safe: T2 UNSWAlert test

04 Jun 2024

On Tuesday 18 June, UNSW is conducting the Term 2 SMS alert test.

UNSWAlert is an SMS notification system for UNSW students and staff. It’s a vital tool used to notify students and staff when an emergency or crisis situation arises on campus.

New students and staff are automatically registered to receive an SMS alert unless they choose to opt out of the system.

On the testing day, students and staff will receive the following test SMS messages from SafeZone twice:

UNSWAlert – TEST1 [and TEST2]. This is a TEST MESSAGE. You do not need to take action or respond to this message. UNSW Emergency Management.

No action is required when you receive these messages and you don’t need to respond.

Update your details in myUNSW

To make sure you receive these emergency alerts, check your mobile phone details are up to date in myUNSW. It only takes a minute to update and verify your details to make sure you know exactly what to do in an emergency on campus.

If you’d like to opt back in to receive the SMS alerts, go to ‘My Staff Profile’ in myUNSW.

Please note that UNSWAlert will only contact you in the event of an emergency or crisis on campus and for testing the system each term.

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