How will you engage the SCON in 2024?

28 Feb 2024
Students sitting around a table

The Student as Partners Consultative Group provides student input and feedback on projects across UNSW. 

The Student as Partners Consultative Group (SCON) is a consultative group of current students, representative of UNSW’s diverse student body. It consults on University projects and initiatives, drawing on the students’ individual lived experiences. 

The group includes students from culturally diverse and migrant backgrounds, students with disability, parents, carers and students from LGBTQIA+ communities. They have previously provided consultation on a range of projects, including the Student Lived Experience Project, UNSW PASS and the UNSW Code of Conduct. 

How SCON works 

  1. Reach out to SCON ( with an outline of your project. Staff will work with you to communicate your project with SCON. 
  2. Attend the SCON meeting where you’ll have the opportunity to hear students’ thoughts and ideas on your key questions and focus areas. Meetings can be in-person or online. 
  3. Receive minutes and additional responses on your project in the week after the meeting. 

2024 meeting dates and deadlines 

  • Monday 25 March (submission deadline: 18 March) 
  • Monday 24 June (submission deadline: 17 June) 
  • Monday 30 September (submission deadline: 23 September) 
  • Monday 25 November (submission deadline: 18 November) 

The next meeting is on Monday 25 March. If you have an idea of something you’d like to bring to SCON, you can email Submissions for this meeting are due 18 March. If these meeting deadlines don’t meet your project requirements, please get in touch to organise a more appropriate meeting time. 

Learn more about SCON on the EDI website.

Join the Students as Partners Community of Practice Teams channel as another way to stay up to date with SCON.