Catch up with results of the Casual Staff Insight survey

13 Nov 2023
Illustration showing a white speech bubble being held by four hands against a yellow background

We are pleased to share the results of the Phase 2 Insight survey. 

We would like to thank all UNSW staff, once again, for your contributions to the Insight staff survey.

Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Attila Brungs and Chief Human Resources Officer Deena Amorelli recorded a video to share the Phase 2 – Casual Staff survey results in more detail.

In the survey, we heard from more than 1100 staff engaged on a casual basis. This is a promising start to our commitment to seek feedback and act on what matters to you. With an overall engagement score of 81 per cent, the large majority of our casual staff told us they feel proud and motivated to work at UNSW and are willing to recommend UNSW as a great place to work.

For the Phase 2 survey, the strengths we can celebrate include positive results around respect, safety and autonomy. The key areas for us to work on include collaboration, demonstrating that people are important to UNSW’s success, and taking action on feedback.

With this in mind, we have chosen to initially focus our efforts on this priority area:

  • UNSW demonstrates that people are important to the University’s success.

Most importantly, we want casual staff to see meaningful change in this focus area, based on their feedback. To enable this, we held Listening Groups throughout October to engage more deeply with casual staff experiences and ideas on how we can do things differently.

Thank you to those who contributed to these groups. The ideas you shared will be consolidated and the themes will be considered by the University Leadership Team for action.

A similar process has been followed for the fixed-term and continuing staff cohort. We will continue to keep all UNSW staff updated as we review potential ideas for action and determine the best ways to act on your insights.