Try Generative AI safely with Microsoft Copilot

29 Apr 2024
Microsoft Copilot logo

Formerly Bing Chat, Microsoft Copilot is a chatbot able to cite sources, create poems and write songs. 

Microsoft Copilot Commercial Data Protection was recently deployed at UNSW – all staff now have access to the enterprise edition and is planned to be made available to students in mid-May.

UNSW’s endorsed AI capability, Microsoft Copilot provides an extra layer of privacy and data protection appropriate for general use across the University. When staff sign in to Copilot using their zID, all conversations are confidential, anonymised and not stored or used for training purposes. Since this product doesn’t store data or use it for training, it can be used with confidence, unlike other tools without protection. 

We encourage staff to try this new tool and share learnings with team members. To understand more about Copilot, review the education material on the My IT page under the Services list, which includes user guides and a LinkedIn Training module

Note that Copilot with Commercial Data Protection is not the same as Copilot for Microsoft 365, which is currently being reviewed for possible use at UNSW.

Lunch & Learns sessions across UNSW are being planned over the next few weeks to assist staff in understanding how Microsoft Copilot works. Join the AI Viva Engage page to find out when these sessions will be held. In addition, staff can post questions about Copilot on that page. 

IT are happy to work directly with individual teams or faculties to provide support and training sessions as we continue to build our internal capability. Please contact us for more information.